I’m the Best Mom

I am the best mom for my kid.

Not the lady in aisle nine, who’s high-and-mighty on some high fructose corn syrup rant about fruit snacks and the youth.

Not that mom in the pick-up line whose kid has literally never once acted out-of-order while she rolls her eyes at mine.

Not even the identical version of me who was blowing smoke out of her ears while forcefully pushing little butts out the door ten minutes late this morning.

It’s not her, it’s me.

The me who knows my kid better than anyone else in the world.

The me who’s got this. The one who shows up to the game every day to coach it.

The me who doesn’t take blow-outs or toddler insults personally.

The me with wrinkles, stretch marks and a crooked smile full of joy.

The me who greets every over-asked question with enthusiasm and as an opportunity to learn.

The me who laughs and plays.

The me who is patient and steadfast.

The one who is so, so strong.

The one who can learn, listen and grow.

The me who is confident in my motherhood, even when I’m winging it.

It’s not just a part of me, it’s who I am.

It’s me. This girl right here.

I am the best mom for my kid.

If you’re a mom too, you’re probably the best one for your children. There is nobody who can do it as you do.

So be nice to other women, dont be so quick to judge. Be supportive, not the opposite.

You only get one chance to do it right.

And lucky for us all, what looks right for your family is totally up to you.

Thoughts That Manifest.

Thoughts are only a small part of this experience. But lets face it, they’re the most in our face and so sometimes they feel most personal and precedent. Mine even speak in my voice.

“I am bad.”

“I am weak.”

And they’re our thoughts, our most vulnerable truths only known to us, and so we trust that their vision is somehow adequate.

“You’re not good enough”.

“You don’t deserve this.”

But we can’t even trust ourselves to bypass a cookie when we start a new diet. 

Let me tell you this: We are not just simply *what* we think about who we are. You’re not fat just because you ate a cookie.

Why is it easier to indulge in self defeat than it is to bask in our success or glory?

You can feel bad without being bad. You can feel angry without being angry, feel sad without being sad. And the truth of it all is really this- it doesn’t have to get ugly, if you don’t want it to get ugly.

You have the power to change your version of your truth, to put your mind to work.

Be molded by the experiences we inherit and prevail from, not merely defined by them. 

The truth is life is all about becoming.

Even if you don’t understand what it is *exactly* that you’re becoming.

It’s going up against your most inner thoughts alone and fighting that good fight.

And the funny thing is that most of us will never even arrive to our becoming in full tact because most of us will listen to those inner thoughts. A lot of us will quit. 

But not me. I put those thoughts to bed. I’m one of those people embracing my becoming.

“You can do this”.

“You are strong.”

Im quieting the thoughts that talk down to me, not becoming the thoughts that I think.

“You are good”. 

“You are valued”.

You are not all of the thoughts you think about yourself.

You can do this.

You are more than this moment. More than the next. You only become what you make the choice to manifest. Think kind thoughts to yourself, after all, you’re the only one who can hear them.