Wallflower Writing

This is a place for writing and storytelling of all kinds. For me, the current creator, Wallflower Writing is a safe place to write stories and speak my peace, and maybe a place for you to speak yours, too.

Writing is a way to express yourself in your reality, or maybe a way to create a world of imagination and escape.

We all tend to have a niche, which is generally accompanied by an outlet for said niche. From Mommy bloggers to poets, spoken word to story writing and/or the like. Whether you are 8-years old or 80, have a niche, or maybe just write whatever whim comes to you as it does – I believe writing has a place for everyone who is inventive and curious enough to explore it.

Wallflower Writing explores parenthood, realism, creative poetry and promotes grassroots writing of all forms. In true Wallflower form, we are open to exploring reading and writing with all people alike. We all have a voice, Wallflower was created to help us find it.

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