He is a Good Dad

He’s not promised a walk down the aisle to deliver his girl to her groom. Because the eventuality of life is that it could end any day.

He kind of lives life like that. A hug goodbye even when I’m cranky. Random flowers, just because. And then he does all the same for our child.

He’s a good dad.

I’m trying to see life as the Father of my child sees life.

Like when the trash truck is coming at 7 a.m. and he’s walking heavy cans down the driveway without being asked because it has to be done. Like self-discipline.

Or when he holds our daughter’s hand at the dentist’s but talks to her sternly so she listens and learns from it when she’s afraid. It’s second nature to him.

He flies kites and plays Mario. And his Dad jokes are the best ones. Even though he’s busy, he still makes time for fun.

He’s a good dad.

I don’t need so much focus or control because sometimes you have to let go. And just trust the man you picked.

To view life, like him.

With logic and reason and also, the simultaneous understanding that not one of us will get out alive. Then to love your family like that.

When you lean into the trust fall you’ll be familiar with the arms around you.

He teaches us that. That breaks are important, listening and focus are survival techniques, there is a time for fun, trust is important, and we always want what’s best for you.

To never underestimate the value of a properly mowed lawn. To do hard work.

You share the weight for a reason. For all the things I need control of in this life as a Mom, the Father of my child is the one who sees to it that I sometimes let it go.

In almost a decade of knowing growing versions of him, watching him lead our family as Father has been my favorite one.

He’s a good dad.

I’m the Best Mom

I am the best mom for my kid.

Not the lady in aisle nine, who’s high-and-mighty on some high fructose corn syrup rant about fruit snacks and the youth.

Not that mom in the pick-up line whose kid has literally never once acted out-of-order while she rolls her eyes at mine.

Not even the identical version of me who was blowing smoke out of her ears while forcefully pushing little butts out the door ten minutes late this morning.

It’s not her, it’s me.

The me who knows my kid better than anyone else in the world.

The me who’s got this. The one who shows up to the game every day to coach it.

The me who doesn’t take blow-outs or toddler insults personally.

The me with wrinkles, stretch marks and a crooked smile full of joy.

The me who greets every over-asked question with enthusiasm and as an opportunity to learn.

The me who laughs and plays.

The me who is patient and steadfast.

The one who is so, so strong.

The one who can learn, listen and grow.

The me who is confident in my motherhood, even when I’m winging it.

It’s not just a part of me, it’s who I am.

It’s me. This girl right here.

I am the best mom for my kid.

If you’re a mom too, you’re probably the best one for your children. There is nobody who can do it as you do.

So be nice to other women, dont be so quick to judge. Be supportive, not the opposite.

You only get one chance to do it right.

And lucky for us all, what looks right for your family is totally up to you.