Why Writing?

“For Most of History, Anonymous was a Woman.” – Virgina Woolf

About Wallflower Writing:

I am K, like the letter. I am located outside of Detroit, but hail from the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I produce the words that make up Wallflower Writing. The other half is a combination of various writers, editors, realists and idealists who choose utilize this space with me.

As an avid writer, I have a very intimate connection with words. I can very clearly recall a talent show at the county fair at age 17, when I first publicly declared my apt affinity for writing. When asked “what are you most thankful for in this world?” the lot of young women largely responded with answering heaped into the lot of “family and friends, or God”. My answer was a bit different, but we’ll get to that in a moment. It is important to be able to help people tell their story. Even if when they’re tough to hear.

My story obviously started before I learned to talk, as all stories do, but learning to talk and and telling your story aren’t exactly the same thing. I’ve been trying to sum up what it means to grow up into yourself – trying to understand what it might take to form the words that tell the world my story. We all have one. A lot of them are pretty straight forward – a mom and a dad, a happy family, a roof over your head and the works. But some stories are different – and it takes precious time to form words about those nontraditional experiences that formed who we are.

And that’s exactly how I answered that tough question that day at the fair… I responded to the master of ceremony at that county fair talent show with what still to me today, stands to be the truth.

In this life, I am most thankful for the ability to connect our situations, beliefs and ideals. I am most thankful for language, words and storytelling – which allows us to express ourselves, to fantasize, make believe and above all, allows us to clearly communicate the intricate realm of wonder that lays between our ears.