• What is a Wallflower?

    “A person who is introverted and is separate from the crowd, usually at a party.

    Not particularly shy but are reserved when surrounded by a lot of people and big personalities. Not really knowing what to say so can come across as socially awkward. This person will blend in and become almost invisible to others.” as told by Urban Dictionary, an obviously reputable source.

    My Take? Writing without a place is like a Wallflower – it should still show up.

  • What kind of writing can I look forward to reading on this site?

    A range from inspirational writing, humor and satire, raw and real-world stories, advice, parenting wisdom, grief, trauma, depression, quotes, graphics and humor. Additionally, some writing may be published by Wallflower Writing and may not be from me. Some posts are submitted anonymously by guest authors!

  • What kind of copy writing, freelance and ghost writing can you provide?

    Email Communications, Internal Communications, Social Media Upkeep, Tone and Voice Coaching Etc.

    Willing to do discovery for most topics by have limited spacing in 2023-2024!

  • Do you write for other people?

    I do! I spend most of my time writing for Detroit Mom of the City Mom Collective. There, I focus a lot on resources and guides there. Detroit Mom has allowed me to flourish creatively on a revolving basis. Additionally, I am a newly appointed Community Leader for the Alpha Sigma Tau Moms and Trusted Friends community launching in 2020. Last, I produce all the publications for the Senior center I direct on a bi-monthly basis.

  • What kind of free-lance writing do you do?

    I’m open to engaging in writing, reading and storytelling of most kinds.

  • How long have you been writing?

    A long time.

    I was always engaged with various writing groups academically and for fun, ranging from the daily satirical newsletters on my university campus, winning first place in the national “Wolves and Moose of Isle Royal Contest” among other poetry contests in high school, to my present day catalog as “mommy blogger” and hopeful author.

    Collectively, I have been writing creatively for more than 20 years.

  • Have you published a book?

    Currently on working on year 2 writing out a personal memoir with a co-write called “The Colors of My Sister.” Due Late 2023 for pitch. Check out the catalog tab to see some published articles and microblogs online for doting publications.

  • How can we collaborate?

    Shoot me a message on Instagram if you have fabulous writing ideas. I am open to helping coach you through writers block, rediscover new words and to sort through what you’re trying to say! I’m here to write, and I’m here to read more writing.