Marriage On The Rocks

It’s not easy to admit when we’re on the rocks.

You’re raising kids and you’re the last thing on each other’s task list.

It’s easy to pose for pictures, pick a filter, and get them posted up on Insta.

Not as easy to pretend you’re happy when your husband seems less interested and your kids are plotting against you.

Because who has time to play tit for tat, or getting in the sack, when there are butts to wipe and order to maintain.

It’s less challenging to go to bed early than to risk being touched by the partner we love; because you’re tired of being needed or maybe, your breasts are still leaking.

You don’t share that loving gaze like you did when you were 25; you’re both exhausted with kids, work, and life at home in general.

Now, you don’t struggle over “how it should be” anymore.

Because now, you know what you can depend on.

And you know every single time it comes down to “each other.”

He’s still the first thing you think about in the morning; she’s the family’s full-time director, dedicated, and stitched together with grace.

Part of loving someone is understanding that you won’t always like them; it’s accepting that you won’t always be likable either.

It gets better with small battles, and even better with time; it takes commitment and growth.

You’re not just raising children, as you are evolving, you’re continuously raising each other.

So, don’t fight without saying “I’m sorry,” and don’t go to bed without kisses.

Never leave the house without saying “I love you.” Especially now.

It’s totally okay to be on the rocks.

When the foundation cracks and your love still stands: you will see that together, you’re made of stone.

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