Caregivers and Elsewhere

My eyes crossed when I read the message: “We have a confirmed Covid-19 case in our infant/toddler room…”

I think before I came full circle, I exited my body and had a full blown argument with myself out there in elsewhere.

Why did you let her go back?
Why did you take her to the park?
What if that sneeze had an alternative agenda?

The “new normal” comes with a learning curve; I call it “elsewhere.”

What could I have done better?
What did the staff do wrong?
Who do I have to contact?
What comes next?

But before I came back to my body and got myself together, the staff made a plan.

Before I could ask the 71st question as a mother of 1, they had all the answers as caregivers of 20+.

Before I had to get a swab shoved up my nose to assume my freedom (and my sanity), they quickly lined up to have swabs shoved up theirs.

All I’m really trying to say is the place that you drop your kids off at each day is more than just a day stop.

Especially now, while they’re operating with much more scrutiny, and double the grace.

Your kids are their kids and they’re following a higher standard out there in this “new normal” – for the same pay.

So, if you see those dreaded words and happen to leave your body for a moment- I hope that it’s gratitude that you circle back to.

Just like it’s gratitude I am feeling today.
Because it’s scary out there in elsewhere.

And we are so lucky for the caregivers who withstand what they are withstanding, just for the love of our children.

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