Sisters are for Your Soul.

She is the person who knows all about the ways my heart has been broken. 

She is the one who knows all the ways it is surely bound to break again. 

She is the unbreakable bond you feel when you trust me, the cumulative lessons that have made me who I am.

She is the person who wrote history with me and still opens that book, revisits it and takes new insight.

She is the steadfast investment you feel when you’re loved by me, a familiar embrace that has shifted and shaped my depth of lovin’.

She is the person I clung to when I searched for my identity as an individual, the one who wasn’t sour when I claimed it.

She is the person who wades with me in the pits of grief, who grabs tightly my hand in the shallows and makes me promise to hold on.

She is who comes when you open your heart to the way you deserve to be loved.

When you are convinced by me that there is still good in this world – it is because I was convinced by her.

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