Pressing Pause.

As seen on Detroit Mom.

I talk about the fast forward button in life more than I am proud to admit.

To a still-screen shot when my daughter is school aged, emotionally well-adjusted, the house is orderly, and dinner is planned for the week.

But it’s times like these that slow me down.

When this charming, tiny, green-eyed girl that I gave to this world asks me to literally stop and smell the flowers.
I never stopped before her. I never took it all in… until now.

I remind myself that soon, I’ll be a full-time working mom and she’ll be going to kindergarten.

She’ll come home with homework, the house will be orderly, the meal plans will be executed with care and I will be aching for those days we could walk, laugh, and smell the flowers together.

So I pay my respect to the pause button and take in every moment of her being little, just a little longer.

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