It’s Not the Same.

As seen on Detroit Mom.

It’s not the same. Domestic duties have doubled, so has the bickering.

The spare time we used to cash in on live music and overnight trips we now spend crunching finances and wishing we could sleep.

We used to meet on lunch breaks, we couldn’t wait all day to see each other. Now our time is divided.

Spread between play-dates, working, planners, realizing maybe it’s time to optimize a healthier dieting situation, and also repeatedly failing to make the time to do that.

It’s not the same. Somehow it’s easier, more comfortable, complete.Now, we have a system.

You haul, wash, and dry the laundry and I spend the week folding and putting it away.

We communicate without words and laugh off misunderstandings that used to make me worry.

You depend on me to hold down the fort at 9 am, I depend on you to save the day by 5 o’clock.

You are our pillar of strength, I am our loving arms.

We work tirelessly to do the most important job in the world, and we do it together.

I’ve loved every version of you that I’ve known, but watching you be a dad is by far my favorite.

The highs and lows of life may change and age us, but the beauty of parenting this child together will always embrace us.

It’s true, it’s really not the same.

It’s so much better.

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