You’re a Good Mom.

I like to think I’m a pretty good mom.

I make them read books.
I make them send thank you cards of gratitude.
I limit the screen time.
I make them exercise regularly.
I make them get fresh air.
I give them a hard bed time.
I make them master a routine.
I make them take mental breaks.
I brag about their little victories.
I make sure they’re bathed.
I make sure they’re cared for.
I give them space.
I make them do hard things.
I make sure they’re proud of who they are.

It gets me thinking.

How did motherhood allow moms like me to slip into a life where we stopped doing all of that – for ourselves?

If I want my child to do all of these things, why do I make excuses for myself?

Teaching the lesson is one thing, but actions speak louder than words.

If you want them to eat vegetables, you should eat them too.

You deserve to be healthy too.

If we want them to grow, we should show them that we still want all of that for ourselves.

We deserve to work and thrive too.

The lessons we’re trying to teach them, shouldn’t just fall by our wayside in complacency.

Revisit yourself and the vessel that serves them.
Take better care of yourself.

Do the same hard work on yourself that you’re asking your children to do.

Sometimes it’s easier to see it like this for ourselves, only after we have someone else relying on us.

You’re important. You’re doing a really hard job.

Make the time where you can.
Read more books.
Send a note of gratitude.
Eat a carrot.
Take a run, hit the gym.
Get some air.
Do hard things.
You deserve the hot shower.
Put the phone down, go to sleep.
Brag about your victories –  your kids should hear them all.

You deserve the same quality of life you’re offering your children – because sister, you’re a really good mom.

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