Seeking Human Kindness.

I was taught all my life to treat others as you want to be treated. Then I grew up – que year 2020, year 30 of my beautiful life and the world is mad BONKERS up-in-here.

But never-the-less, I will live in a world where no matter the angst or the tension – I will choose the opposite.

No matter what the world around me has going on, I will live in a world where I open the door for the person behind me.

No matter how pulled from our roots we become and no matter how bad most of our grandparents really do drive, I will remain in a world where I give up my seat for someone who needs it more then I do.

No matter how far missiles stretch, or who has the biggest bombs or rightest answer, I will still walk in a world where I look strangers right in their eyes and smile.

No matter how cluttered, rampant and overly-political the general news and it’s agenda becomes, I will still live in a world where I persist towards facts and logic.

No matter how antiquated and difficult it becomes to be kind, you will find me living in a world where it is served freely and abundantly.

No matter the storm; I will search for rainbows.

Because if all we can do is one small thing for the progress of our lives, it is to be kind.

And if there is one small thing we can do for the progress of mankind, it is simply, to choose kindness –

In all of our contacts with others.

This world can be whatever you want it to be, but reality shows, it takes best to kindness.

And maybe, I’m living in my own world here but – if all you will remember me by is a smiling stranger on the street willing to do her part, then just know I proudly served the world I lived in.

A MicroBlog by Kailyn McMahon

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