Dear Mankind: A Letter From The Virus (COVID)

As Seen on The Elephant Journal“.

Dear Mankind,

Thank you for hosting me. 

From country to country, you’ve helped my blooming personality flourish and thrive.

I’m here to teach you vital lessons you couldn’t learn for yourself, to challenge you to change.

To let your polluted air and waterways have a break, to let the fish return to play in your bays.

I’m here to tell you who’s who – the hoarders from the helpers.

To remind you of the ripple effect, and just how far one ripple may extend.

I’m here to make you rethink policy, and the infrastructure you rely on.

To aggressively challenge you to check on your parents and grandparents more often than you have been.

I’m here to remind you that so many people fight battles you cannot, for yourself, see.

To teach you that there is still much uncertainty out there, yet to be unveiled. 

I represent, in full, all of the challenges bound for this existence.

To remind you of the adaptable, advanced lifestyle and pace that each of you were afforded.

I came to make you think about the people whose lives you touched and whose lives they’ve touched because of you, and so on. 

To remind you of your past – of plagues, disease and wars that came before you – that will come again.

I’m only forcing you apart, to teach you that the vitality of working together benefits the progress of mankind.

To tell you that the same connectedness that got us into this mess – is exactly what it’s going to take to get us out of it.

I’ve infiltrated lungs across the globe, to show you that you all breathe and function – the same human way.

I’m here, but not for long. I know, because hope is a human trait.

I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused, I pray for lessons learned. 

Thank you all for hosting me. 
I hope that you can hear me.

– Covid 19

This piece has also been published on Elephant Journal

by Kailyn McMahon

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