Learn From People

Not everyone in your life is supposed to be there.

There will be people who will be there for years and years and years and then one day just as fast as they came, they go. 

Some grief doesn’t have death attached to it. For some, it’s enough just to have the absence of that life in any form.

It is okay for friendships and good times to become memories. It is okay to go your way if it’s not right for you.

There will be people that you leave willingly. Choosing to undo growth before it begins because you know that some are only meant to be segments of your story and you’re still writing that story. 

Let that willingness out, you’re just not meant to serve them all, no matter the size of your heart. No matter how badly you want to.

Some people were simply not meant to be ours. It would never be fair to keep them, even when their pending loneliness falls heavy on your shoulders. That just doesn’t serve you, them, or your heart. And there’s not a soul that I ever personally met that deserved a half-assed friend. Not a soul.

Sometimes you have to go. 

Sometimes you will grieve these losses and other times you will celebrate. But each time a friend comes to you, you will be changed just as you are when they go, no matter the duration of the moment they stayed. 

Because every person matters, and every moment matters. These lessons teach us boundaries. This grief teaches us about discourse and how we can learn from it. No faith, no friendship, and certainly no time nor grief, no nothing is linear.

We were not meant for everyone. And not everyone was meant for us. Each friendship and every interaction is a lesson to learn.

But only if we are willing to learn it.

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