Lights Will Lead You.

I know that sometimes to see the light, you must experience and fully achieve its complementary darkness.

And it seems hard right now, because it’s been dark and it’s been raining for a while. But I promise you it won’t be dark forever.

From the darkness grows a great perseverance. And I believe that those who choose to, persevere towards the lightness.

Towards lightness that makes great ripples that will change the world. It is at our darkest moments that we must focus on seeing the light.

And when it is too hard to focus, when it’s too hard to find it, when you’re too shocked by the crazy world, and when the beacon has seemed to have fallen, we must come together and BE the light.

Because if your soul knows the light and if it lives in your heart, it will never be lost. And if you shine brightly and steadfast, the light will always lead you home.

~Wallflower Writing

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