100 Days of School in 2021

It’s the 100th day of school.
100 bouncy balls have been packed.
Items to dress like we are 100 in tow.
This day is one to celebrate the kids who made it 100 days in their first year of education.

Never mind the masks.
The half days.
The uncertainty of the start.
The shut downs.
The off days for tracking stats.
The staggered starts.
The canceled class parties.
Disposable lunch bags instead of boxes.
The days of zoom.
2 weeks on and 2 weeks off for unknown amounts of weeks.
Never mind the distance.
The small groups.
That you haven’t met your child’s educator.
The half days.
The snow days.
The prohibited playground.
Never mind no Valentines boxes.
Or dropping things off 7 days in advance for proper quarantine.

Never mind all that, it never mattered anyways. We made it to 100 days.

And last year, this time of year, I remember counting 100 days and thinking – how could this still be? A global pandemic I somehow believed would last 2 weeks, quickly absorbed into 100 and more days.

In a normal year it’s a staple of passing half way through the year of the first year of formal education. And guess what? It’s not any different this year. Because together and part, we made it another day more, with our kids leading the way.

Showing us their strength! With our kids at home or in school, or some weird exhausting combination of both. Happy little heroes, adaptable, tenacious and growing. Reminding us all to crawl, to move forward even just another day more.

So, celebrate we will!

It’s the 100th day of school! Cheers, to another 100 healthy, happy days more.

-Wallflower Writing

#storytellingmama #motherhoodunplugged #michiganwriters

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