A Brief Remember.

“Someday there will be a moment when you can’t recall a moment – so go ahead and give yourself a brief remember.

There will be a time when no thought you can think will bring back yesterday, so please – take a brief remember.

One day each of your own will walk out of that door and into their own, so I challenge you- take in a brief remember.

There will be a life after this, where only your stories outlive you, and they cannot exist unless you speak them into existence.

So go ahead, speak it and take a short remember.

Remember what made you.

Remember the good.

Remember the bad.

Remember each moment.

Remember to that tomorrow is not promised.

Speak of today- tomorrow, of your past when you remember.

Of the stories, the people and places.

Just remember.

That you were lucky for today, and doubly for the chance of tomorrow.

So very lucky for each brief remember.”

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