Honeybees and Motherhood

Motherhood is honey.

Moms are flowers, and our children, busy little honeybees.

And if there’s one thing I have to say about honey?

Ain’t nobody got time for the sticky mess it comes with.

Yet, we still stick our hands right in the honey jar.

Because it’s sweet and because it makes life interesting.

It is literally what makes the world go round- honey bees and mother’s.

No mommies, no babies.

No bees, no honey.

We take life’s stings with a grain of sugar, not salt.

Because we’re teaching our little bee’s about kindness.

About the sweetness of life.

We don’t always unveil the complicated work it takes to prepare the hive. 

Or what it takes to be the queen.

We just do it.

The keeping of bees is a lot like the keeping of children.

It’s delicate and complicated.

And motherhood?

It’s all the buzz.

Motherhood is honey. 

And really, there is nothing sweeter.

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