Baby Butts.

It hit me today watching my bare butt toddler hurrying up the stairs.

Someday I’ll never see that little bare butt walking around my house again, because one day it won’t be so little.

Someday there will be boundaries not even mom can break through, wounds I cannot heal.

Someday I’ll miss the freedom of kissing her anytime I want, having a built-in snuggle buddy.

Someday when the nest is empty and she’s gone and moving on, I’ll have to learn to let her go.

I’ll be left with only the hope that I did my due diligence as her mother.

Someday she’s going to grow up and be more herself and become a little less “mine”.

Someday I will have to hand her over to this great big, wild world.

It hit me hard watching that little bum leave me at the bottom of the stairs.

You never really know when it’s going to be the last time you watch it walk away unclothed or unafraid.

I know I will never get these moments back when my child is little and largely untouched, unscathed by reality and it’s experiences.

I know right now she doesn’t understand why I take these moments to sit back and take it in, why I’m always clicking pictures… 

But someday, when I’m up to my eyeballs in grandchildren and there are little bare butts too fast for me to catch…

I’ll thank my child for giving me the most precious and cherished times of my life.

And I just know, she will thank me back.

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